Principal's Message

Mass media and communication has played a greater role in the growth of humanity. Information technology has overtaken all means of communication. Keeping in view the needs of communication for our school, we want to reach them through our website.

Over the years, Don Bosco English Medium School, Monigram has brought forth many meritorious students and a good citizen to the country through endless effort and high educational inputs. Don Bosco English Medium school has been trying  to acquaint the students with the culture of reading, writing, learning and growing towards maturity. Today the role of the school is to pursue academic excellence and to motivate and encourage the students to be lifelong learners. The best teacher is the one who teaches throughout his life and pursues academic excellence and motivates and encourages the students to impart it.

Learning and self-confidence emerges out of all the branches of education. Nature is the best friend. Each day and each hour pupils can explore mentally physically, emotionally and spiritually. Student is neither complete nor perfect with any subject. Each and every student is on the process of becoming. School life has to do a lot to mould pupils.


In Don Bosco School, each and every pupil’s talents, skill, and ability identified and nurtured so that they may reach to a greater height. Don Bosco School Monigram and its environment are the most fertile and richest platform to reflect upon the wonderful reality of thoughts and imagination of our students. 

Hope the guardians, students and well-wishers will be benefited by this website for information and communications.



 Don Bosco School

Don Bosco Eng. Med. School,


Murshidabad, West Bengal